Exterminate Timi Biafang A Hman A Thin A Lin Taktak Ve Cang Timi Hi A Fiang Tuk Cang!!

A taang Mirang ca hi AA ralbawizik Tum Myat Niang nih a pumpak in Twitter ah a taelangh mi a si .
Q&A with Arakan Army commander | CoconutsHhakkant thil cang hi Hramhram in ralkap nih uknak a hram in bongh cikcek nak ding in raldohnak ralyhawhnak darkhing a si a ti.
The Arakan Army is set to collaborate with the Military junta on prevention  and control of COVID-19 | THE CHINDWINA cabiaah hi fiang ngai in a langhter Sualnak ngei lo kan mipi nunnak zeizat rimruam dah a liam rih lai, kan paraltha hna minung zeizat riamruam nih dah nih an nunnak an pek a herh rih lai, SAC chimi ding raldohnak Darkhing tum a si cang a ti ve ko hi.
The Arakan Army is Ready to Stand in the Motherland – democracy for burmaFor how mang more innocent civilian do we have yet to grieve? What just happened in phakkant last night is a clarion call for concerted action to exterminate the militaey fascism.

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