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Vawleicung Ah Monkeypox Zawtnak Atambik Nak Ram Le Akarh Zat Minung

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Africa ram ah Monkeypox zawtnak ngei zat cu minung 780 tiang an karh cang, tiah WHO nih cathanh a chuah. Hi kong he pehtlai in a liamcia kan hnuzarh tiang ah cun minung 257 lawng an si nain atu ah cun alet 3 in a karh manh.

Hi zawtnak a ngeitu hna hi fak tuk in le har tuk in an tuar lo nain Africa ram nitlaklei le ram laifang lei ah cun minung tamtuk an i chawnh manh. Minung a tomtom in zawtnak i chawnh cu a um lo nain Monkeypox zawtnak a ngeitu ram hi ram 27 a si cang, tiah  WHO nih a thanh.

May be an image of text that says 'CallHealth® Everything about health MONKEYPOX WHAT IS ΜΟΝΚΕΥΡΟΧ? Monkeypox an infection caused by virus closely related the Small virus. Usually symp- toms not as serious. Mortality with the current strain of the virus around 1%. HOW IS ΜΟΝΚΕΥΡΟΧ TRANSMITTED? Monkeypox virus spreads through close contact an infected individual. can spread Respiratory Droplets Skin to skin Contact of lesions Contact with body Fluids lesion material Indirect contact Lesion material through leeding and clotting Download App: Infected animals can pass virus they bite scratch you. You get from eating uncooked contaminated meat. 9133557799 Follow us on'

Hi Zawtnak hi Europe le North America, Maxico, United Kingdom, Argentina Morocco le UAE tiang in a phan cang. Britain ah cun zawtnak ngeitu minung 207, Spain ah 156, Portugal ah 138 an um cang caah ramdang dang zongah a karh kho, tiah WHO nih ralrinnak a pek. Crd: The Chin Post

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