Ralhrang An Thil Tuah Ruangah PDF Nih Lehrulh Kan Cham Hna Lai Tiah An Ti Cang - TIMES OF CHIN NEWS

Ralhrang An Thil Tuah Ruangah PDF Nih Lehrulh Kan Cham Hna Lai Tiah An Ti Cang

YANGON, MYANMAR - APRIL 03: Anti-coup protesters hold improvised weapons during a protest in Yangon on April 03, 2021 in Yangon, Myanmar. Myanmar's military Junta continued a brutal crackdown on a nationwide civil disobedience movement in which thousands of people have turned out in continued defiance of live ammunition. Local media and monitoring organizations estimate that over 500 people have been killed since the coup began. (Photo by Stringer/Getty Images)

Yangon Ah Lamzawhmi Hna cung Ralhrang Thiltuah Mi Fakpi In Lehrulh Lai Tiah PDF Nih Cathanh An Chuah

Nihin December 5, Yangon ah lamzawhnak tuahmi mino hna cu motor in an pah hna, meithal in an kah hna, ralhrang phu nih hramhram in an thil tuahmi cu lehrulh kan cham lai tiah Yangon ramthen PDF nih cathanh an chuah.Yangon ramthen Gyimintai (ကြည့်မြင်တိုင်) peng Panpingyi(ပန်းပင်ကြီး) lamcung ah nihin December 5, zinglei suimilam 8:00 hrawngah ralhrang uk duhlo in daiten lamzawhnak a tuahtu mino hna cu ralhrang phu hna nih minung ruahnak ngeilo tiang in hramhram in motor he an pah hna, meithal in an kah hna caah lamzawhnak ah a kalmi mino cheukhat an nunnak a liam, cun cheukhat cu hliamhma an tuar.

Cu hliamhma tuar mi hna cu sii thlopbul nak nawl pek duhlo in rallam sialnak hmunah an kalpi hnatiah theih a si. Cu thil cangmi kong ah kan thinlung a faktuk tiah PDF nih an cathanh chungah cun an langhter.

Hriam tlailo in daiten lamzawhnak a tuahmi mipi hna cungah minung ruahnak ngeilo tiangin hramhram thilsual an tuah mi cungah nawlngeitu le nawlchuahtu ralhrang phu le ralhrang kuttang riantuan tu hna, ralhrang riantuannak ah bawmhchanhnak a tuahtu hna dihlak cu fakpi in lehrulh cham nak kan tuah lai, dothlennak ding caah a tunak in fakdeuh cawlcanghnak kan tuah lai tiah Yangon ramthen PDF phu nih cathanh an chuah. #Khit Thit Media Credit: The Chin Post

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